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Magnaprene Coat


ITEM # C12148

Classic Neoprene Performance


Lightweight Magnaprene™ single coated neoprene on nylon coat. Made of nylon and coated with neoprene, this classic is still one of the toughest high performance coats on the market today.
Ideal Applications: Petrochemical, Chemical, Off Shore Drilling, Mining, Fishing, and Forestry. 
Chemical Resistance: Animal fats, certain acids, alcohols, caustics, oils, and certain solvents. 

● 48 inch Olive Drab Coat. 
● Raglan sleeve construction and generously cut for maximum freedom of movement.
● Stitched and taped seams for 100% waterproof protection.
● Storm fly front seals out wind, rain and contaminants. 
● Attached hood.
● Inner cuffs.
● Mildew resistant. 
● Neoprene coating provides excellent abrasion performance and resists oils, acids, chemicals, and solvents
● Nylon fabric provides excellent strength and durability.
● Flame resistant tested. Self extinguishing with flameout and afterglow less than or equal to 2 seconds after removal of ignition source and char length less than 6 inches. Test method ASTM D6413. 


Magnaprene Sell Sheet                  PDF
Magnaprene Spec Sheet                PDF
Chemical Data Sheet                      PDF


ASTM D6413 test method is used to measure the vertical flame resistance of textiles.