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Over-the-Shoe Footwear Guide

Tingley offers the broadest selection of injection molded over-the-shoe footwear in the industry. Our line offers options of materials and styles to meet a wide range of protection and application requirements. We offer injection molded overshoes in Natural Rubber and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). We complement this offering with both steel toe safety and slip resistant ice traction overshoe products.


Our overshoe products allow users to wear their normal work shoes, while having protection against the environment. Overshoes are the perfect choice when the protective requirements are intermittent or weather driven.


Material Selection: Before choosing a material where contact with a given chemical may occur, the users should perform their own tests. If highly toxic chemicals are present, special care must be taken into consideration when choosing the correct protective product. This care should include daily inspections to ensure that normal wear and tear have not reduced the integrity of the product. Depending on the toxicity level of the chemical, products should be disposed of if intimate contact with the chemical has occurred.



Natural Rubber: Has outstanding stretch for easier on and off, and excellent low temperature properties allow the material to stay supple in cold temperatures. It has superior slip, puncture, and cut resistance as compared to PVC. Rubber resists bases, acids, alcohols, and diluted water solutions of most chemicals that are water-soluble. It is a hydrocarbon and does not withstand constant contact with petroleum and oil based solvents. 



PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer that provides good protection against animal fats, many acids, alcohols, alkalies, bases, oils, and petroleum hydrocarbons. PVC is not recommended for use in ketones, aldehydes, and many solvents. Our Frigiflex® formula, used in our Workbrutes overshoe line, has good stretch and low temperature properties to stay supple in cold weather. 




1. Seamless construction for 100% waterproof protection.

2. More material in heel, toe, and sole for longer wear.

3. Less material in the upper results in lighter weight for improved flexibility and less leg fatigue.

4. Sturdy molded button on boot styles for secure closure. No hardware to corrode, conduct, tear, or snag.

5. Full opening gusset on boot styles for easy on and off.

6. Heavy duty heel kick for easy off.

7. No lining. Completely washable. Wipes dry quickly.

8. Deep cleated outsole spits out debris for good slip resistance and longer wear.